Adding a Network Printer (Windows Based & WYSE)

Please Note:  These Instructions only apply to Wyse Box or Windows Based Computers. For Apple MacBook Laptop Computers please locate the corresponding Help Desk Article by clicking here


Step 1: Open the Run Command Window

Press the Windows Key  AND the letter "R" AT THE SAME TIME



This box ( or a box very similar to this) will come up


Step 2: Getting to your Printers

Select and Type (or copy and paste from this article) one of the following: 



For all East Side Buildings (JRW Building, Buildings and Grounds, PHS, CMS, Knollwood, Lake Hiawatha, Northvail, Rockaway Meadow, and Troy Hills): 




Click OK 





For all West Side Buildings (The Calabria Education Center, PHHS, BMS, Eastlake, Intervale, Lake Parsippany, Littleton, and Mt. Tabor): 




Click Ok 




Step 3: Locate your Printer 

When you click OK another box will com up that will show you all of the printers available to be installed for that side of town.


  • Double Click on the Printer you want to Install
  • Click Install Driver 



Step 4: Finishing up

Once Complete you can close out of all windows and attempt to print to that specific printer.



If you are still having Issues changing your password, please contact the TSS Help Desk by dialing 4444 from any district phone so we can get that taken care of, or by opening a Help Desk Ticket using the Instructions here


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