How to save a PDF from email - Windows

Adobe Acrobat - Save File

Google Drive File Stream

Be sure that DFS is running and that you are logged in with your account

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite windows_icon.png

Be sure that Adobe CC is installed and that you are signed in with your account (by clicking sign in with Enterprise ID)

WYSE Users: Remember to press the Wyse box button at the end of the day, and NOT to log off so that all settings are retained

Saving a PDF from Email

Save PDF to computer

  1. Click download arrow on file in email - Go to step 3-3

  2. OR click on PDF link in email to open a preview of the file
  3. To download file
    1. Click download arrow on top right

    2. This will put the file in your downloads folder
    3. At the bottom of Chrome, right click on arrow to the right of file and choose show in folder

    4. In folder that opens, double click file to open in Acrobat

Save PDF directly to Google Drive

  1. Click on PDF link in email to open a preview of the file
  2. To save to Google Drive which will show in DFS folder on computer
    1. Click Drive icon to automatically add to Drive

    2. Click Organize to see your file structure and move file to appropriate folder
    3. On your computer (not in the browser) open DFS folder

    4. Navigate to folder the file was moved to and double click to open in Acrobat


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