Fax Instructions



  1. Login to XMedius Cloud Fax by browsing to: https://login.xmedius.com
  2. At the login screen enter “pthsd” in the Enterprise Account field and go the next field. You will be redirected to another page:

  3. At the next login screen enter your username as “pthsd\USERNAME” and use your district password as shown here:
  4. At the home page click on the Compose Fax button  mceclip2.png
  5. Fill out the form to enter the recipient’s Name and Fax number (Company name is Optional). Enter the 10 digit fax number with no spaces or hyphens (Example: 9732571301)
  6. Click the Choose File button to browse and attach the PDF file you are faxing.


  1. By default there is no cover sheet We recommend that you leave out a cover sheet whenever possible. If you need to send a cover sheet select Generic.cse from the Style drop-down box under Cover Sheet
  2. The generic cover sheet uses information displayed in the Sender & Company information To change the default sender information select the “Use custom sender and company information” radio button and fill out the desired fields.
  3. When you are ready to send click the blue Submit button mceclip4.png
  1. To check the status of your sent faxes click on the Outbound History link on the left navigation barimage.png
  1. Your faxes should be listed as “Sent”. If your fax does not appear in the Outbound History page, you can check on the Outgoing Queue page for an updated status.

For additional questions please open a Helpdesk Ticket

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