How do I Log Into Zendesk to Create a Trouble Ticket.

Question: How do I log into Zendesk to Create a Trouble Ticket?


We have been receiving many phone calls and email in reference to how to log into the new Zendesk System for the first time.

To alleviate this concern please ensure you are complete the steps below when logging into Zendesk for the First time. 



1. Go to  to open the Help Desk Web Portal


2. In the top bar click "Sign In" 


3. On the Log in Screen Click 


4. Select you user account or sign in using your user account. 



5. Click ALLOW 


6. You Are now logged into Zendesk Help Center.


To submit a ticket simply click   in the top bar




If you Still have Issues, Please contact the Help Desk for further assistance at extension 4444



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