Voice Mail Access

Setup Name and Greeting for Voicemail

Teachers with VM only:

From any district phone, dial your 4 digit extension, press dial, then press * and enter the default passcode of 147856# to access the voicemail system. From outside the district you must dial your 10-digit number and then follow above.

Once in system, press 3 to work with name and greetings, then 1 for personal greeting and 3 to record name.

For Pin change - Press 4 to go to settings, and then 3 for security, and then 1 to change pin.

If you have a physical district phone:

Press envelope button on phone and follow instructions to continue setup.

To access Voicemail from outside district:

From outside the district you must dial your 10-digit number, wait for voicemail to answer, press * and then pin.

All teacher mailboxes and all physical phones in district are listed in alphabetical order by last name on the sheet District Phone Extensions.

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