Elementary - HMH Player on iPad

Solution for HMH Player Issue on iPad

Tech Issue: Students using a shared iPad have an issue with the HMH player retaining their Google login for the next student. When the next student opens the HMH Player, they are logged in to the app with the previous student's account, even if the previous student logged out of the HMH player.

Solution for iPads running iOS 11+:

  • Student should log out of the HMH Player by pressing the 3 horizontal lines in top left corner and pressing the last item on the bottom which shows an arrow and their email address.
  • This brings them back to the HMH login screen
  • Press the home button and then press Settings
  • Scroll down the left side and press Safari
  • Scroll down the right side and press Clear History and Website Data
  • Press Clear
  • Press Home button
  • HMH Player can now be used with a different student
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