How Do I Login to Systems 3000? (Windows Based & WYSE Systems)

Issue: How do Login to Systems 3000 on my WYSE box or Windows Based Computer? 

 Solution:   This Solution will be covered in 2-parts (Installation and Logging in):


Part One : Installation: 


1. Download the attached file (OFF3000.rdp) to your computer by clicking on the link at the bottom of this tutorial. 



2.  Once downloaded, navigate to your downloads folder and locate OFF3000.rdp

  • Right Click on the file and select COPY
  • Move back to your desktop 
  • right click on an open area of your desktop and select PASTE

You should now have this icon on your desktop  


This icon is how you will log into and access the Systems 3000 Portal. 


Part 2 : Logging Into Systems 3000



1. Double Click on the OFF3000.rdp icon  

2. Enter your District Password in the box and click OK

Note: Do NOT check "Remember my credentials" as this can cause issues as you change your password every ninety (90) days. 



3. Enter your SYSTEMS 3000 Login Name and Resource Access Code in the box shown below, then select the System you need to log into. 



If these steps do not resolve your issue, Please open a trouble ticket, or contact the Help Desk at extension 4444 for more assistance.

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