Gmail Tips


  • If you start a new email and decide not to send it will stay as a draft in your drafts folder unless you click the trash icon on the bottom right of the new email window.
  • If you start an email and can’t finish it, it will autosave and you can find it in your drafts folder.
  • To show hidden folders such as Trash, All Mail, etc. Go to Gmail Settings  under your name or photo, select the Labels tab, click show on the label you want to appear in your list in mail.
  • Remember to check your Spam folder for any legitimate mail. If you find legitimate mail in spam, check the box next to that item and click Not Spam. If the Spam label is not showing in your list of folders, go back up to the bullet above to show the Spam label.
  • Folders from mail were migrated to They appear under _inbox at the bottom of your labels list on the left side. You may have to click More Labels and expand the _inbox label by clicking the triangle.
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