Uninstalling a Network Printer (Apple Computer)


Please Note:  These Instructions only apply to Apple MacBook Laptop Computers. For Wyse Box or Windows Based Computers please locate the corresponding Help Desk Article here.



Step 1: Locate the Apple Icon and System Preferences 

In the Upper left hand corner click the Apple  icon, then locate and click System Preferences in the drop down menu


Step 2:  Locate Printers and Scanners 


Step 3: Locate and Remove unwanted Printer 

In the Printer and Scanners section click the printer you want to remove and click the  sign 



Click Delete Printer 


Once the Printer is remove you can close all Windows to return to your desktop. 


Step 4 Reinstalling your printer (Optional):

If you are removing your printer due to an error in printing and need to now reinstall a printer to your Mac Book please click here for those instructions



If you are still having Issues changing your password, please contact the TSS Help Desk by dialing 4444 from any district phone so we can assist you over the phone, or by opening a Help Desk Ticket using the Instructions here



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