Error when sending a distribution list email in Apple Mail (Genesis)

Issue:  You are receiving the following error, or something similar,  when attempting to send an email to multiple recipients from a Genesis created email list. 




Genesis, by default,  is setup to create the distribution list for Outlook instead of Apple Mail. 

Outlook   uses an email separator of a semi colon (;) while Apple Mail   uses an email separator of a comma (,). This causes email addresses separated by a semi colon in Apple mail to appear as one long run-on email address instead of separate email addresses.




Please complete the following steps to change the Email delimiter to a comma:


Please Note: You will only need to complete this once. 


Step 1: Open Genesis

Open Genesis and Log in 


Step 2: Locate the Red Lock Icon 

Click on the Red Lock Icon  in the upper right hand corner. 


Step 3: Locate Email Delimiter in My Preferences 

  • Under My Preferences Find the Email Delimiter section (see image below) 
  • Place a comma (,) in the box next to email delimiter.
  • Click Accept



Step 4: Finishing Up

Once this is completed, please recreate your Distribution email list in Genesis and attempt to recreate your email.


If you are still having Issues changing your password, please contact the TSS Help Desk by dialing 4444 from any district phone so we can assist you over the phone, or by opening a Help Desk Ticket using the Instructions here

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