How To Connect to the Guest Wireless Network Network (Secondary Schools)

This Article provides instruction on how to connect to the the Guest Wireless network in All Secondary Schools ( PHS, PHHS, CMS, BMS)


To connect to the Guest Wireless network please complete the following steps: 


1. Access your available wireless networks and locate the connection name PTHSD-Guest and select it. 



2. A popup box should come up asking you to connect to the network. Please click the link provide to start the process of connection. 



If you are a district employee:  

Enter your district username and password under network login, and you will connect to the wireless network.


You have successfully connected you device to the guest network




If you are a Guest or Visitor to the district: 

1. Please click Register under register as a guest



2. Enter your cell phone Number and select your Mobile Service Provider then click Complete Registration. 



3. You will receive a text message with a verification code. Enter the Verification code into the box provided and click Complete Registration. 



You have been successfully connected to the PTHSD-Guest Network. 


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