Disable Kami from automatically opening PDFs


As a solution to help our high school students create agenda notes, annotate documents, and complete homework assignments in Google Classroom, we purchased a district-wide license of KAMI - pdf - annotation software for our district (pthsd.net). While this Chrome software is a great platform for our teachers and students, it is not as supportive for all staff.


To disable KAMI from opening your PDF documents automatically off when not needed:

1) when the new Kami tab opens, choose Sign in with Google,

2) complete questions to link your pthsd.net account with Kami.


The following will instructions then remove Kami as the default application for PDF Documents.



Step 1:  Open Google Chrome Browser
Step 2:  In the upper right hand corner click the Chrome settings icon  or it may have an exclamation  icon (the exclamation mark means you have a google notification.)

Step 3: Locate the Extensions option under More Tools and click on it.  

Step 4:  Locate the KAMI Extension, then Click on OPTIONS.

Step 5: In the options Menu locate the Settings Section on the bottom of the page:

  • UNCHECK (Automatically Load Files in Kami) and leave all other options as desired.

When downloading PDFs and opening from the browser you may receive this message:

Click Don’t ask me this again.

If you have any additional questions please contact the Help Desk at Extension 4444 or enter a helpdesk ticket.


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